Tell a Friend is often used interchangeably with "Forward to a Friend". However, "Forward to a Friend" actually refers to forwarding an email message to a friend, while "Tell a Friend" refers to forwarding a webpage to a friend.

Here is how you create a Forward this message to a friend link in an email.

The dynamic that the WYSIWYG creates is dynamic and will populate a URL that is specific to the email message that the link is contained in. The finished URL will have an added parameter in the URL to define which message should be forwarded (&msgId=####). This parameter is generated by the system when the emails is sent. You can't specify the message ID yourself, the system will always use the message ID of the message the link is contained in.
Note: Forward to a Friend is only available on regular email messages and not in autoresponders, The campaign must be web viewable in order for the link to work and the link must be placed in the email body rather than the stationary. If placed in the stationary instead of an individual message, the Tell A Friend will not be message specific and it will default to the generic site's Tell a Friend because there will be no message id tied to the link in the stationary. In addition, you cannot specify a Forward to a Friend link for one message inside of a different message. This will result in the link redirecting to the message it was sent from.