Currently the fund name can be 100 characters long.  On some reports only 40 characters (or less) will display.  On other reports, the name will wrap.

To determine which size is appropriate for the regular reports used by you, one project you can do is:
1. Log into your Test & Learn database
2. Create a new fund with a fund name of 111111111122222222223333333333, etc using 000 for the last set.
3. Add fund codes and build a set of GL accounts
4. Process both a gift and grant using this new fund id and pay the grant.  Post all entries through to the GL.
5. Run your various reports using you usual criteria ( modifying them to accommodate the test fund).
6. Examine the reports to see where each truncate.
7. You can use this analysis to aid in setting the guidelines for fund naming in your organization

Remember that some reports will wrap the values and all exports and data grid exports should export the full 100 characters in the field.

This same approach can be used for other fields and entering values like First into the First Name field or Address1 into the Address 1 field or Sortname into the Sortname field will help you see how data flows as records are added and posted.