To create this list, navigate to:
  1. Lists > More Lists
  2. Create a new Advanced List, or build off of a list template
  3. Within Select Objects, select -  Admissions: User Base > Candidate > Candidate Detail > Candidate Status > Candidate Checklist > Candidate Checklist Item > Sending School > Transfer/Sending School
  4. Display Objects - User Base.First Name, User Base.Last Name, User Base.E-Mail, Candidate.Entering Grade, Candidate.Entering Year, Candidate Detail.financial_aid, Candidate Detail.How Hear, Candidate Status.Status, Candidate Status.Status Date, Candidate Checklist.Checklist Name, Candidate Checklist.Item date_completed, Candidate Checklist Item.checklist_item, Transfer/Sending School.Transfer School Name
  5. Filters - Candidate.Entering Year and Candidate Checklist Item.Checklist_Item
  6. Name the list and select Save & Exit