How do I submit state requirements for the State of Georgia Hope Scholarship?

The State of Georgia requires schools to submit specific data in order for Students to become eligible for the Hope Scholarship.

Attached you will find the .pdf layout that Georgia requires schools to submit twice a year.

Schools can use the Grading Report: Transcripts - Electronic Transfer to submit the required information to the State of Georgia. Before the school can use this report, the following items need to be completed:
  1. Course Codes need to be added to the Course Grading Tab in the field labeled Standard Code. Some schools may have different internal course codes versus the state course codes - if they do then the Course codes will be different then the Standard codes. However, if the Course Codes are the same then reach out to Support to have Data bulk copy them to the Standard Code field.
  2. Historical grades need to have a Transcript Category selected. The Transcript Category is used organize which courses meet which credit requirements. For example, if the state requires a student to take three Math classes, making sure a Math course is tied to a Math Transcript Category. This will help to show which courses fill the Math requirement.
  3. A Transcript needs to be created that displays the grades the school needs to submit to the state.
  4. Once the above information is completed then the Grading Report: Transcripts - Electronic Transfer can be made available to the Grading Manager role or to the user who will be in charge of submitting the information which requires some manual manipulation of the file.

The State of Georgia does require Social Security Numbers (SSN) be submitted in the file as well. The user that will be submitting the file will need to have Special Access set so when they export the file to excel, they will see the SSN Numbers.

When all the information above has been setup, then the user will go to the Grading Report: Transcripts - Electronic Transfer and Run the report. The following filter options will appear:

  • School Year
  • Transcript
  • Grade Level
  • Last Name

The user will select the current year, the transcript that contains the correct grades, the grade level as well as last name range and click on Export Data to Excel. Once in Excel, the user will need to make these additional adjustments by hand:

  1. Save as Windows .csv
  2. Open the file with TextEdit (not Microsoft Word)
  3. Find and replace all " (double quotes) with nothing (i.e., no space or anything else)
NOTE: The Values in this report display as NN/NY/YN. If the course name starts with AP it will display in this report as "NY". If the Course name starts with Honors, it will display as "YN". If there is neither AP or Honors in the title, it will display as "NN".

If you need to designate the Course as AP or Honors that should come first in the Course Title.
NOTE: Currently the field Credit Qualifier Indicator cannot be set or exported from the database as it requires a field to exist on the student's course grade, which we currently do not support. 
NOTE: For MAC users, it may be necessary to open the windows.csv file with a text editing application such as Notepad++ or TextWrangler in order to make sure that the delimiters are in place. Then, save the file as a .txt file. The reason for this is because Macintosh's Text Edit application will not show them when the file is save and uploaded.
Georgia Transcript Layout-2.pdf

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