In ResearchPoint The Primary Solicitor will sync from Raiser's Edge and become the Prospect Manager in ResearchPoint. They will display under Research Details on the Wealth Summary Tab. 

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To set the Primary Solicitor Type that will Sync from Raiser's Edge
  1. Log into ResearchPoint and on the home screen select The Raiser's Edge Integration
  2. Select Configure Fields
  3. Click the second tab for Sync from The Raiser's Edge
  4. Check the last box for Primary Solicitor Information
  5. Click the Drop down for Solicitor Type and choose what type from Raiser's Edge will be the Primary Solicitor in ResearchPoint. 
  6. Save
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If there is currently a prospect manager assigned to a record in ResearchPoint, when that record is synced with Raiser's Edge, that field will update with the Primary Solicitor that you set in the integration options above. If a ResearchPoint record is synced and there is no solicitor with the primary type on the Raiser's Edge record, any prospect manager listed in ResearchPoint will be removed. If you choose to not update or use the Prospect Manager field in ResearchPoint, leave the box 'Primary Solicitor Information' unchecked above. 

All other Solicitor Information from Raiser's Edge is held under Relationships in ResearchPoint. 
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If you choose to not sync any of the Solicitor Data from Raiser's Edge uncheck to view that data in ResearchPoint
  1. In ResearchPoint, select Integration with the Raiser's Edge
  2. Select Configure Fields
  3. Click the last tab for View the Raiser's Edge Data
  4. Uncheck the box Solicitors
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Click HERE for a video of how syncing solicitors works