How will Connect RE be affected if we run AddressFinder/EmailFinder/DeceasedFinder or other Data Center services?

How will running AddressFinder/EmailFinder/DeceasedFinder or other Data Center services will affect the integration with Connect RE?
Core is the "System of Record", meaning that whatever data exists in the Core records is what will be used in the synchronization with RE through the Connect RE shuttle.
Updating a mass amount of records in RE, whether through a Data Analysis service or other mass Import, will not be reflected in the "ON" Products and the data that has been imported into RE by these services will be written over in the next Connect RE synchronization. 
Clients should plan to request a data refresh to the Core records prior to running another synchronization . 

How to I submit a Data Refresh Job

Doing so will update the Core records and the data will be correct when transferred through to RE. 


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