How to make a User Defined Field required on a DIY Form, but not required in the database (includes video demo)

When we create a User Defined Field, if we mark the Required field, the field will be required for all entries that we add to the database. However, we can make the field required only on a DIY Form.

To make the field not required in the database:

  1. Select Management
  2. Select User Defined Fields
  3. Select the category that the User Defined field is in, then select the User Defined field
  4. Select step 3
  5. Unmark the Required checkbox
  6. Select Save and Finish

Then, we can make the field required on the DIY Form:

  1. Select Management
  2. Select DIY
  3. Select Edit next to the form in question
  4. Click on the User Defined Field
  5. Mark the Required checkbox
  6. Click Update
  7. Click Go Live to publish the changes



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