How can I delete a ticket from my Event Registration DIY form?

A ticket can be deleted from an Event Registration DIY form after that option has sold out, or is no longer necessary on the form. 
Once one ticket has been added to the Event Registration DIY form, at least one ticket has to remain on the page. The DIY form will not allow the only ticket option to be deleted. If you no longer need to sell tickets from this specific form, the form can be disabled or deleted. 

1. Select Management
2. Select DIY forms
3. Select Edit for the form you would like to edit
4. Select the pencil icon in the ticket box
5. An edit Ticket Options Pop Up Box will appear
6. Select the tab for the ticket you wish to delete
7. Select the red Delete Ticket in the top right of the box
8. Select Update
9. Select Save 
10. If page was already live, or ready to go Live, Select Go Live. 
11. A pop up will appear asking if you want to resubmit the page that was already live, Select Yes



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