What is the function of an Aggregate?

The column options on a report contain a drop down menu labeled Aggregate, which allows us to control the value in the column.
The Aggregate is used to instruct the report to compile information specifically from the query. For example, if you are reporting on all of a donor’s giving from the last three years to a specific Fund, you may want to see side-by-side columns that total their giving for each of the three years. We would use Aggregate values to instruct the report to display this. See below:

User-added image

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Reports
2. Click Manage Reports
3. Select a category that you want to store this report in
4. Select New Report under the Task Menu
5. Select Commonly Used Fields from the Available Fields and click on Received
6. Click on the three stacked dots to the left of the Received column, and click on the Aggregate drop down menu

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