When editing a Pushpage, the Insert > Image task only allows you to add images that are within accessible content types for that template. If you need to add an image that is not there, you can insert it using HTML.

How to upload an image to include in a Pushpage

Note: If your image is hosted on another site or service, you can skip to the second section of this article and use the URL you already have
  1. Navigate to School Website > Content > Additional Content Types > Uploads
  2. Click Add in the top right
  3. Select the file type of your image from the drop down
  4. Enter a description
  5. Click Choose File and select the file on your computer
  6. Click Save & Exit
  7. From the list of files uploaded, right click on the File Name and select Copy Link Address
  8. This is the Image URL you will use in the next section

How to insert an image with HTML in a Pushpage:

  1. When edit your Pushpage Issue, click Edit on the section you want to include the image in
  2. Click the HTML button in the top left of the edit box
  3. Find the place in the code where you would like to insert the image (you can move it after if needed)
  4. Add the following code, replace http://INSERT-URL-HERE with the URL of the image you want to appear in the issue:
    <img src="http://INSERT-URL-HERE">
  5. Click Update
  6. Your image should now appear in the section and you can move and manipulate it as normal
  7. When you have the image located as needed, click Apply Changes
  8. When done, Click Save to save your issue