Givalanche not continued if Email icon is used to send out invite

After making a donation to a Givalanche, if choosing the email icon when sending out the Givalanche continuation request, the Givalanche link may be broken so that a new Givalanche gets started.
This has been resolved with a release of Online Express.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Donor 1 creates a Givalanche and sends it to their friends
2.  Donor 2 uses the link from Donor 1's invite and gives a gift
3.  Donor 2 gets a confirmation screen with an invite to keep the Givalanche going
4.  Donor 2 clicks on the Email icon to send the invite to their friends
5.  Donor 3 opens the email but the Givalanche verbiage is not included
6.  Donor 3 makes a gift which is not associated with the previous 2 Donor's and starts a new Givalanche


 Blackbaud Online Express

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