1. As a Platform Manager, go to the Core module, hover over Security, and select Roles
  2. Select Add in the upper-right of the page
  3. Give the clone role a name and then select the Base Role of ReEnrollment Manager. The Base Role is the role with the tasks needed for the cloned role to access certain content
  4. Click Next
  5. Do not Select any Tasks
  6. Click Next
  7. Search for users using the filter options. Once the user is found, click the blue-link arrows to move the user into the Added Users section.
  8. Click Save & Exit
  9. Go back into the newly created role
  10. Click Tasks
  11. Edit
  12. Select the following Task : Process Contracts (next to Admissions)
User-added image
After assigning the User the new role, log out and back in, then impersonate the user in order to see the newly created role task the User has access to.