Adjusting a payment doesn't remove the old application when viewing the application details on the payment

Why is new application being added and old application staying when adjusting a pledge payment rather than just edited, when changing via a revenue adjustment batch?
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Click add pledge from any constituent record
2.  Amount = 100
3.  Designation = Library books
4.  Click save
5.  Click add payment
6.  Amount = 100
7.  Click save
8.  Select Post revenue to GL from the Revenue functional area
9.  Select a post parameter that posts all transactions and click start process
10.  Select batch entry from the Revenue functional area
11.  Click add
12.  Batch template = Revenue update batch
13.  Projected # = 1
14.  Projected amount = 100
15.  Click save
16.  Search for and select the pledge payment that was saved in step 7
17.  Select the revenue tab
18.  Click apply
19.  Change the applied amount on the pledge to 0
20.  Click yes to any prompts from resetting amounts
21.  Under additional applications, select donation
22.  Applied amount = 100
23.  Designation = Library books
24.  Click ok
25.  Click yes to any prompts resetting amounts
26.  Adjustment reason = any value
27.  Save and close the batch
28.  Commit the batch
29.  Return to the payment record
30.  Note that are now 2 applications - 1 for the pledge for $0 and 1 for the new designation

Expected outcome is that only one application shows.


 Blackbaud CRM

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