Why are installments out of order in CRM? - TA/CRM sync

When looking at the Installment/Write-off Activity tab on an installment pledge in CRM, some of the earlier installments may have a later date on them than later installments. So installment 1 may be for 6/30/14 while installment 2 may be fore 6/30/13, which is the reverse order they should be. In TA, the pledge schedule appears to be in the correct order on the Installment Maintenance window in batch detail entry.
This may happen if the payments in the Pledge_Schedule and/or Pledge_Schedule_Payments have the dates mixed up on them.The Pledge Schedule as seen from the front end in Installment Maintenance sorts by date, so it will look correct regardless, but in the database table, the schedule items are all numbered sequentially, and somehow a lower payment got a later date than a later payment. Contact TA support for assistance correcting this.



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