Error: Field is read only: Transaction Date when calculating depreciation

After trying to calculate depreciation for an asset, a user may receive the exception, 'Field is read only: Transaction Date' on the calculation report.  This may be experienced by one specific user.

Note: Incorrect changes to registry settings can cause serious system problems that may be irreversible without reinstallation of the operating system. You must back up your registry before making any registry changes. We are not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect use of the Registry Editor.

Note: This will reset all user specific options to their defaults. You can find User Options in tools > Options. Most options are located on the Records tab. Screen shots may be helpful for putting these back in place after running the plugin.

1. Login as Supervisor 
2. Go to Administration -> Set up system security -> Open user Joyce
3. Click on "Set this User's Options" Button
4. Click on "Reset to System Defaults" or Copy existing user properties by clicking "Copy From" to fix this issue.


Reset all user options using the Reset Registry utility


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