In a gift batch or on a donor's record:
  1. Enter the gift on the donor's (check writer's) constituent record.
  2. Click on the Gift menu in the top menu bar. Select Apply and then Pledge.
  3. In the new Apply Gift to Pledge(s) window, click on Load Pledge(s) From... button in the lower right.
  4. Search for the constituent record where the pledge is located.
  5. Double click on the name in the results to add the pledges to the Apply Gift to Pledge(s) window.
  6. Optionally to add more pledges from other records, repeat steps 3 through 5 as needed. Proceed with step 7 when all the pledges are loaded in the Apply Gift to Pledge(s) window.
  7. Mark the Pay? checkbox on the desired pledge(s) to apply payment. Enter the amount to apply to the pledge(s).
  8. Click OK when Remaining equals $0 to return to the gift record.
  9. The gift will become Pay-Cash (or Matching Gift Pay-Cash) once the gift is saved (entered on a donor's record) or committed (from a gift batch).

  • For more information on entering pledge payments, please refer to How to apply a gift to a pledge or matching gift pledge.
  • A payment can only be applied among pledges or among matching gift pledges. The same gift cannot be applied to a pledge and a matching gift pledge.
  • In the Apply Gift to Pledge(s) window, scroll to the right to see the Constituent column to confirm the pledges loaded. Click on Constituent to sort the pledges by constituent name.
  • The payment does not appear on the Gifts tab of the constituent with the pledge. To see the payment on the other constituent's record (where the pledge is), open the pledge and click on the Installments tab. Scroll down the list of installments and look for the payment donor's name in the Constituent column. (If you do not see the Constituent column, right click on the list of installments, select Columns, move Constituent from the left to right, click OK.). To see the Pay-Cash, add the pledge constituent as a soft credit to the payment gift.
  • Unless the donor has a relationship, such as a spouse, set up to generate automatic soft credits, soft credits do not automatically generate when paying another's pledge. If desired, add soft credit gifts to the gift record for each constituent whose pledge was paid.
  • This function is not applicable to recurring gifts. A recurring gift payment can only be applied to a recurring gift on the same constituent record.