Incorrect name tags printed for constituents records when using a Participant type Query

When creating Name Tags for constituents who have multiple events on his/her record, if users include a participant query based on a single event, the results will show Name Tags for every event on the constituent's record that have yet to be printed rather than just the selected event from the query. 

The results of Participant Queries include the entire constituent record. Reports and Mailing within Raiser's Edge consider the Query results, not the criteria that created those results. In order for the Name Tags to only display participants for a specific event an Event Query should be used or please attempt the below suggested workaround.

Alternate workaround
 Adjust the parameters as follows:
  1. On the General tab of the Name Tags, click Include> One record
  2. Search for the event as needed
  3. Double-click to select
  4. Click Preview
  5. Results will show only name tags marked Not Printed for the specified event

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a participant query with following Criteria: 
  2. Events> Event ID equals [name of the event]
  3. Go to Mail> Name Tags
  4. Click New
  5. On the General tab, click Include> Selected Records
  6. Search for the query for the singular event created in Step 1 and double-click to select
  7. On the Fields to Include tab, under the Event/Participant Fields folder, move Event Name to the Fields to Print window on the right
  8. Click Preview
  9. Note that any event participant who is a constituent with multiple events on his/her record will appear multiple times - one for each event on the record


 Raiser's Edge

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