To create a list of courses requested by students and courses that were recommended for them and Advanced List will need to be created. 
  1. Analysis> Click Manage Lists.
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
  3. Click on Add > Create Advanced List.
  4. Click on the Select Objects tab.
  5. Expand Constituent Information and select User Base.
  6. Expand Signup.
  7. Select Academic Signup Enrollment.
  8. Then, select Academic Signup Group.
  9. Expand Academic Group and select Course Base.
  10. Expand Signup (again) and select Academic Signup Term.
  11. On the right, expand all objects.
  12. Remove the check mark next to Inner to make all objects Outer Joins.
  13. Select the Display Fields tab.
  14. Click on Select Fields...
  15. In the Select Display Fields popup, expand User Base.
  16. Mark First Name and Last Name.
  17. Expand Academic Signup Enrollment.
  18. Mark Academic Signup Enrollment.Recommended By Id.
  19. Expand Academic Signup Group.
  20. Mark Academic Signup Group.Course Signup Id.
  21. Expand Course Base.
  22. Mark Course Base.Course Title.
  23. Click Select.
  24. Select the Filters tab.
  25. Under Global Filters, in the Field drop down, select Academic Signup Term.School Year.
  26. Enter a Name for your list (required).
  27. Assign your list to an Existing category or create a new one (optional).
  28. Click Save.
  29. Click Preview to view your list's results.