Change the Description using program:

1.  Verify that you have a backup.  Everyone must be signed out of FundWare during this procedure.
2.  From the 00 System Administration, select System Utilities.
3.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
            Program:                 GLB008
            Switch:                    20
            Parameter:              (leave blank)
            Business Date         Use today's date
            Division                   Select the appropriate division.
    Click on Run.

(If you do not know the Type or Name of the batch, do S to Scroll, hit Enter twice and you will get a list of all the entries.  Then you can ESC and type C to change.)

4.  Type C to change.
5.  Type D, I or R  for Jnl entyr type, hit Enter.
6.  Type the journal entry Name and hit Enter.
7.  Type 1 for field to be changed, hit Enter, type in the correct description.  Hit Enter.
8.  Type 0 to accept your change and hit Enter.  Then ESC and type E to end.

Change the Description by copying the batch:

1.  Click on the batch that the Description needs to be changed on.
2.  Click on Copy.
3.  Type the unique description for this batch.
4.  Mark Copy as a Saved or Memorized batch.
5.  Click OK.
6.  The original batch with the incorrect description can be highlighted and deleted if desired.