To create the list, navigate to:
  1. Lists > More Lists
  2. Click Add
  3. Click Create an Advanced List
  4. Select Objects in Constituent Information for User Role, User Base, User Address, User Citizenship/Residency, User Detail, User Phone
  5. Under Admission select objects for Candidate, Candidate Detail, Candidate Program, Inquiry Source, Candidate Checklist, Candidate Checklist Item, Contract, Contract Type
  6. In Display Fields select fields for User Role.Role, User Base.First Name, User Base.Last Name, User Base.Grad Year, Contract.Duedate Override, Contract Type.Contract Type
  7. In Filters add Global Filters for User Role.Role is any of Candidate, Student, Incoming Student, Past Student, Past Candidate.
  8. Add filters for Contract Type.Type
  9. Add filters for Contract.Duedate Override Ind is True
  10. Preview list to make sure the data is showing correctly
  11. Name the list and Save & Exit