How do I query on accounts in a specific state?

There may be times when you want to find all accounts who live in a certain state.  For example, you may need to find all accounts in your database who live in Indiana.  You can locate those accounts by creating a query.
Here are the steps to query on accounts who live in a specific state.
  1. Click Queries > Manage Queries
  2. Select a category that you want to store this query in (Example: Base)
  3. Select New Query under the tasks menu
  4. Name the query All Constituents who live in Indiana
  5. Set the Starting Query to Category: Base and Query: All Constituents
  6. Set the Data Return Type to Accounts
  7. Under Criteria Matching, set the Persona option based on your preference*
  8. Under Criteria > Browse Fields choose Account from the drop down box
  9. Click State
  10. Type IN into the State field
  11. Click Save and Preview

*Since accounts can have multiple Personas with different values in each, this selection is important to consider based on the results you want to see. If you choose Primary Persona, it will only return accounts that meet the criteria on whichever Persona is set as the primary.



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