Update the table joins to Left Outer Join in Crystal XI:
  1. Go to Database > Database Expert
  2. Go to the Links tab
  3. Double-click on each link (the black line that connects two of the tables) to open Link Options
  4. If the Join Type option is grayed out, unmark the checkbox for "return all rows before joining"
  5. Change the Join Type to Left Outer Join
  6. Click OK on the Link Options window
  7. Repeat these steps for all links
  8. Click OK on the Database Expert window
  9. Refresh the report
If the table joins are set to Left Outer Join and the blank group still shows, this could mean that the record has a null value for this group field.
  1. Go to Report > Selection Formulas > Record
  2. Enter a formula similar to the following: not(isNull({Field_Name}))
  3. Click Save and Close
  4. Refresh the report