Out of box query view for Blackbaud Data Warehouse relates to constituent appeal query rather than just appeals

When running a constituent Blackbaud Date Warehouse query, users may notice that performance is worse or the query times out due to they way it is written. 
Query off of the Appeals node instead of the Appeal node within the query.


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Select Administration> Information Library
  2. Create a new ad-hoc query
  3. Select the source view of Constituents (from the Blackbaud Data Warehouse)
  4. For criteria, use Revenue\Appeal\Appeal name is not blank
  5. For output, use Name, Revenue\Transaction date, Revenue\Amount, Revenue\Appeal\Appeal Name
  6. On the set save options tab, unmark suppress duplicate rows
  7. Preview the results-notice there are repeats for every revenue line and could be a performance issue or timeout when running the query
  8. Click on the sql button
  9. While the sql is correct, the query view used (V_QUERY_BBDW_APPEAL) is wrong-it should use the DIM_APPEAL table to join to V_QUERY_BBDW_REVENUE. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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