Error: This page can't be displayed. When accessing BBIS Site after installation through IIS

After installing Blackbaud Internet Solutions and attempting to Browse to the site (.aspx pages) through IIS, the following error is presented in the browser:

This page can't be displayed.
This error can be caused due to the BBIS site requiring encryption for all pages through Administration > Sites & settings. Typically due to a refresh of the database where this checkbox is marked or true in the database.

To resolve, you can add a key binding in IIS.

1. In IIS, click on Default Web Site
2. In the Actions pane, click Bindings
3. Make sure the following bindings are added:

Steps to Duplicate

1. In IIS, click on the configuration.aspx page and click Browse
2. Note the error that is presented: "This page can't be displayed"


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