Relationship shows up after name on Name on Card field

Users may notice that the relationship to the primary member shows up in the Name on Card field in membership dues batches, when using the field "Nickname." Users may also encounter this issue when clicking Renew/Rejoin directly from the constituent's membership record
The relationship will show on the membership card in an effort to help clarify who the membership card belongs in case the member doesn't have a name format value on their constituent record that meets the name format value specified on the membership card name format. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to the Membership tab, Click the Hyperlinked membership name
  2. Click Rejoin Now
  3. In the 'Who else should be included on this membership section', Select the related constituent in the drop down
  4. In the 'Which members should receive a card section', choose the related constituent h in the drop down
  5. See that Related Constituent Name (Relationship) populates the Name on Card field
  6. Save
  7. See that the membership card was issued with (Relationship) in the name on card field


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