Contact records are being merged when individuals complete a CMS form

When individuals are completing the same form multiple times within the same browser, this can result in the data being merged before it is received by the Sphere database. The Target Web Feature allows a webpage to target another webpage. By enabling the Target Web Feature, a single individual can fill out a Contact Form for other individuals by logging out which creates a new session that allows the user to register once again. These steps will demonstrate how to use the Target Web Feature inside of a Content Management Site website. 

Before you begin, please ensure that you have a Contact Form created in Sphere. Steps to create a contact form can be found in KB 71567
Step 1: Pull A Contact Form into the CMS
  1. Navigate to Content > Content Management System
  2. Hover over the CMS website name and Select manage Website
  3. Inside the popup CMS window, select the Content Management tab
  4. Select the Site Structure sub tab
  5. Click New
  6. From the dropdown menu, select Forms
  7. From the dropdown menu, select Contact Form - Standard
  8. Click Continue
  9. Edit the Title field 
  10. Next to Link Location, click Select and choose the location for the page inside your CMS structure
  11. Select the Event Selection tab 
  12. From the Event dropdown, select the form to connect
  13. Mark the box beside Publish Immediately then click Create

Step 2: Set Up and Apply the Log Out Link
  1. Select the Content Management tab
  2. Select the Site Structure sub tab 
  3. Click New
  4. From the dropdown menu, select Tools 
  5. In one of the dropdown menus, select Logout Link
  6. Click Continue
  7. Click Select next to Link Location and choose the location for the page
  8. Select the Logout tab
  9. Beside Target Web Feature after Logout, click Select
  10. A new window should appear. Locate the contact form you created in the CMS and mark the button beside it
  11. Click Select
  12. Mark the box beside Publish Immediately and click Create
  13. Navigate back to the Contact form you created in Step 1 and select the Event Selection tab
  14. Beside Target Web Feature click Select
  15. In the popup window, locate the Logout form you created and mark the radio button beside it
  16. Click select
  17. Publish the page.

Note: The URL for the contact form will be located on the Advanced tab under Link Options.


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