We return the following fields in the results:

NewAddress: One Line Address 
NewCity: City 
New State: State 
NewZip: Zip + 4 when available 
NEWLOT: Line Of Transfer 
NewCART: Carrier Route 

NewDPC: Delivery Point Code 
NewAddressDate: Date of move (if available)
Deceased?: “Y” indicates if constituent is deceased.
Dec Confidence Code: Confirms the source of the deceased information.

DeceasedDate: Date of death for deceased (if available)
NewAddress Flag: “Y” if new address is returned.
EDQ Result Flag:
NCOA - National Change of Address
LACS - Locatable Address Conversion System move (Rural route to street address)
APT/STE - Apartment or suite number appended
ECOA/PCOA - Enhanced/Proprietary Change of Address