If you find that the changes did not save, it is possible that there was a large lapse in time between when you started editing the region and when you last saved the issue.
Tip: Frequently apply changes to the region and then immediately save the issue.

When you edit pushpages, if you have multiple windows open, and are logged into the school site, this can cause error's or issues saving changes made in your pushpages. If one window times out, you may not see this if you are working in another window and the changes you make may appear saved when they indeed are not. When you go to save it may kick you out of the system and loose changes, or you may get an error message. Users should work in 1 logged in window while working on pushpage changes and Save often to ensure this does not happen.

Additionally, only one user should be editing a Pushpage at any given time.  If multiple users are viewing and editing the Pushpage changes may not save.