You could build a list like this using the following parameters:

-+Course Group
---+Course Term
-----+School Year
---+Course base
-+Gradebook Assignment Grade
---+Gradebook Assignment
-+Assignment Type

Where - School Year.Current Year - is True
And - Assignment Type.Assignment Type - is - (select the appropriate assignment type)
Display Fields:
Note: Make Sure that "Enable grouping options" is turned OFF (otherwise students who scores the same will be lumped together and throw off the average)
Course Base.Course Title
Course Group.Group Identifier
Gradebook Assignment Grade.Grade
Gradebook Assignment.Max Points

This will give you every course, and every section with every final exam grade and the max points. The database can't calculate the percentage, so you would need to make an Excel column for Grade/Max Points, and then Average those by Section to get percentage averages.