How do we copy our Live Host Net database to our Demo database?

We need to test something and want to try it out in Test and Learn or the Demo database, but it isn't up to date.  How do we get it refreshed?  How do we get a more recent copy of our Live database copied into the test environment?
You can copy the active or live database to the test and learn or demo database by using a FIMS utility. First, make sure no one is working in your Demo database, then follow the steps below: 
  1. Go to Custom > Host*Net Database Maintenance. (If this option is not available then contact FIMS Support to add it.)
  2. When the utility opens, click on the Copy Live to Demo button on the upper right. 
  3. This process takes a little time to perform. You should be able to access your updated Demo database in about 15 minutes. 



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