We are missing a Recurring Grant submitted through Donor Central

We have a donor that submitted a recurring grant but it never showed up to be imported into FIMS. There’s another grant he did that came through without any problems so I don't think it is a problem with the Donor. Where did the suggestion go? 
When a Donor establishes a recurring grant request in Donor Central, they often set the start date to be the same date as the date they created it. However, this causes issues as there needs to be a full upload process done in order for FIMS and Donor Central to communicate properly about the recurring grant. What happens is that once the grant info is fully established between FIMS and Donor Central the initial payment date is in the past and thus the grant request never gets generated.

We recommend that any recurring grant suggestions created have an initial payment day of at least two days after the suggestion is submitted. This will allow FIMS and Donor Central to communicate and the request to be created properly.

If a recurring grant has been submitted and the request did not come through to FIMS, then this can be corrected by editing the grant on the Donor's Suggestions page to have a start date of two days in the future. The request should then come through normally. 

This issue can also be caused by the following:

If the suggestion was changed from what it originally was this can cause issues. It is a known issue that if a recurring grant is edited after it is created that this can cause issues going forward.

This can be caused by wrong data being entered in when the recurring grant was created, for example: If an annual recurring recommendation was created with a start date of 3/20/2017 and an end date of 3/24/2017. If you would like those recurring recommendations to no longer show, you can delete them.







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