Error: Please enter a valid Email address - When trying to recover web form password

You may see that when you try to recover your sign in password for web forms you receive an error: Please enter a valid Email Address.

If you update the email address in Altru on the online info to the same email, you see that you are able to log in with the email address that was previously invalid.
This could be caused by the user not using the correct email address to reset their password. Altru will use the email address listed on the Online Info tab of the constituent record. Please follow the steps below: 
  1. Open the constituent record and verify there is an Online Info tab on the record
  2. Click the Online Info tab > Click the Online Info Summary Tab
  3. Verify the patron is using the correct username listed when resetting their password. 


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to a web form
  2. Select Sign in at the top > Select Forgot your password
  3. Enter the affected email > submit and see the error: Please enter a valid Email Address


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