1. Click Management
  2. Click DIY Forms
  3. Click the blue Edit button next to the name of the form you’d like to edit
  4. Click Settings
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the settings pop-up window
  6. Click the blue Change Selected Fund(s) button
  7. Click the Funds you’d like to include from the Available Funds list
  8. Click Update on the Select Fund(s) page
  9. Click Update on the Settings Editor page
  10. Click Save on the DIY Form (Yes, Save my Draft)
  11. Click Go Live on the DIY Form (Yes, Go Live)
  12. When you are prompted to Replace the current version of the page, click Replace

For the steps on how to rearrange the order of the Funds, see How do I change the order of Funds on a DIY Page. For the steps on how to remove a Fund, see How do I remove a Fund from a DIY form.​