*Note* Dashboards are refreshed approximately every six hours.  If  gifts are added in the same day as you are viewing the dashboards you may notice some are missing.  We recommend reviewing in the morning and in the evening, to ensure recently added gifts are included.  This applies to dashboards on campaign, fund and appeal records as well.

Dashboards include the ability to review both revenue committed and revenue received.
Gift types included for revenue received

1.  Donations (cash)
2.  Payments toward pledges, matching gifts, recurring gifts and planned gifts

Gift types included for revenue committed

1.  Donations (cash)
2.  Pledges

Gift types that can be included through settings

1.  Recurring gift payments
2.  Matching gift pledges
3.  Planned gifts
4.  Gift-in-kind
5.  Gifts of stock/property or Other 

To choose additional gifts types to include in revenue received or committed follow steps below

1.  Log in using a Supervisor account
2.  Go to Control Panel, Settings
3.  Choose Configure for each revenue type
4.  Select your gift types
5.  Click save

*Note* please allow for the dashboard refresh to occur before seeing additional gift types included in the dashboards

For more information about the Analyze dashboards choose the Help icon at the top right from the web view or view our  documentation on Knowledge Base and blog posts.