How to run a report to show who registered for last year's Kintera Thon but not this year's

You want to know who registered for your previous Kintera Thon and has not registered for this year's Kintera Thon.
  1. Navigate to Contacts > Individuals
  2. Click Advanced Search
  3. Expand Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends
  4. Click Choose Event next to Kintera Thon
  5. In the pop-up window, find last year's event and mark the box beside it
  6. Click Ok
  7. Click Participants
  8. Click Add
  9. In the pop-up window, click Ok 
  10. Click Choose Event again next to Kintera Thon
  11. In the pop-up window, uncheck last year event and find and select this year event
  12. Click Ok
  13. Click Participants
  14. Click Add
  15. In the pop-up window, click Ok 
  16. On the bottom right of the query filters, click "Not"
  • Note: This should change the statement from "AND" to "AND Not"
     17. Click Run Query


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