How to Process Ethnicity Finder in CRM

The Ethnicity Finder service will return an Attribute of your constituents ethnicity if there is a match found on your submitted data. This Article provides instructions on how to export, download and import for the service.
I. Export and Upload for Processing
  1. Create an export process containing the following fields:
    • Lookup ID
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Preferred Address line 1
    • Preferred Address line 2
    • Preferred City
    • Preferred State
    • Preferred Zip 
  2. Export as a .csv file
  3. Transfer the file to our FTP site
  4. Email to notify a project coordinator that the file is ready. Provide the name of the service, contact information and Site ID.
    • Note: The file will take 3-5 business days to process.
II. Download and Import
  1. Download the zip file from our FTP site
  2. Unzip the files
  3. Create an attribute named Ethnicity Finder:
    • Go to Admin > Attribute Categories
    • Click Add
    • Name the attribute: Ethnicity Finder
    • Set the Record Type to Constituent
    • Set the Data type to Text
    • Click Save
  4. Create the batch design for import:
    • Go to Admin > Batch > Batch Entry
    • Click Batch Templates on left
    • Click Add
    • Choose Constituent Update Batch > OK
    • Name the batch design Ethnicity Finder
    • In the left pane select Constituent Attributes >  Ethnicity Finder and click and drag it to the right
    • Click Save
  5. Create the Import Process:
    • Go to Admin > Import.
    • Click Add
    • Name the Import Process Ethnicity Finder
    • Select From Local File and browse to the file extracted in Step 2
    • Set the Batch design to Ethnicity Finder
    • Click Auto-Map
    • Click the collection field link
    • Select Auto-Map then OK
    • Click Save
  6. Select the Ethnicity Finder import and select Start Process
  7. Go to Admin > Batch > Batch Entry
  8. Highlight the batch created by the Ethnicity Finder import process
  9. Click Go to Batch Entry
  10. Click the drop down in front of the new Batch
  11. Click Commit
  12. Mark the following:
    1. Validate Batch Before committing
    2. Check for duplicate constituents
    3. Create control report
    4. Create output selection named  Ethnicity Finder Updates
  13. Click Start

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