Through the Course Request Setup task, Online Signup Managers can either show a message if a student is requesting a course outside their grade level, or choose not to show courses for requests outside a student's grade level.

As an Online Signup Manager:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Scheduling > Requests and schedules > Course Request Setup.
  2. Filter for the appropriate School Year, Group Type, and School Level.
  3. Under Exceptions To Communicate, locate the Assigned to a different grade level than the course drop down.
  4. Select "Show message" to display a message to the student that their request is outside their grade level
If the Assigned to a different grade level than the course is set to Show Message, the User will get the following message:

Before continuing, please note the following:
Your grade level does not match that of the course. If you are sure you still want to request it, click 'Confirm' to add it to your list of requests.

Or select "Hide course from list" to hide requests outside the student's grade level.

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