To create a document (PDF) of applications grouped by organization:
  1.  Search for the Organization and open the record.
  2.  From the Associated Files column on the left, select Documents.
  3.  In the filters, select External Document for Type.
  4.  Select the appropriate documents.
  5.  In the Actions menu, select Merge Documents to PDF.
  6.  Enter a file name, press the Tab key, and enter a Title, Keywords, Notes, and/or Long Notes as you desire.
  7.  Use the Move arrows to change the order of the documents as necessary.
  8.  To remove one or more of the documents, select the entry from the list and click Remove.
  9.  To merge the documents to a single PDF, click Merge to PDF.
  10.  The new document record will prompt you as to whether you want to open or save.
  11.  The new PDF will be listed in Documents for the Organization record.