Platform Managers can add a mailto link as a hyperlink in a text channel in your Resource Board Post.

To create a mailto link in a text channel:
  1. Navigate to Core.
  2. Select Communication > Resource Board.
  3. Select the appropriate Resource Board.
  4. Edit an existing Post (that is a Detail Page), or create a new Post as a Detail Page. (To create a new Detai Page, Click + Post, Enter the Post Title, select Detail Page, select a Layout, and select the Roles to publish the post to, Click Save & Create Detail Page)
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  5. Drag/drop the Text Element onto your Detail Page.
  6. In the Dropdown Category click + Create New
  7. Enter a Description
  8. Click Save & Close
  9. Click the Editing Pencil
  10. Enter the text you want to display,select and highlight the text you want to hyperlink as your mailto link
  11. Click the Link icon
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  12. Enter the email address in the Link URL as mailto:email address (so for example 
    • User-added image
    • Note: Leave the Target field as Not Set.
  13. Click Insert.
  14. This will then create your text as a mailto link, which displays the email address in the Users Email Client in a new email
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