1. Go to Core > People finder
  2. Search for and click on the name of the student to open their record
  3. Select the access tab
  4. Select the Edit pencil next to the student persona
  5. Click Withdraw.
  6. Select Effective Date/Time to select a future date or Effective Immediately.
    • Note: If teachers have not yet entered grades for the student, withdraw the student after the grades are entered.
  7. Select the year the student is withdrawing from.
  8. Enter the Depart Date as the day after the last date the student attended class.
  9. Select the role: Past Student to move the student into the Past Student role; or select Alumni to move the student to the Alumni role. Select Graduate with class to move the Past Student to the Alumni role when you graduate the rest of the class.
    • Note: If you move the user to the Alumni role, they will have the same access and rights that all other alumni do.
  10. Enter the Host ID (optional).
  11. Select Remove Access if to disable the user's ability to log in (optional).
  12. Click Save & Exit.
    • If classes appear under 1. The dropped indicator will be set for any groups within the depart date., make sure the teacher inputs grades before you withdraw the student (as mentioned in Step 5 above).
  13. Click Confirm.
  14. Edit the enrollment row for the year you just withdrew the student from.
  15. Change the Depart Date to the date it needs to be.
  16. Save & Exit.