When editing the term of a membership dues batch with a multi-year option, the term field will revert to the previous setting when tabbing out of the field

Memberships programs can be set to have multi-year options.  When editing a membership dues batch to renew a membership for a constituent who is enrolled in one such program, and changing the term from one year to two years, the field reverts back to one year after tabbing out of it.
Validate the batch and the term will be set to the correct value

Steps to Duplicate

Prerequisite – Multi-year membership program, constituent needing to renew multi-year membership program
  1. Go to Membership functional area
  2. Select Enter membership dues
  3. Add
  4. Membership dues batch
  5. Save
  6. Enter constituent name
  7. From constituent’s memberships drop down, select to renew the membership
  8. Term should be for one year
  9. Click Done
  10. Go the Batch Entry from an area other than Memberships
  11. Edit the Memberships Dues Batch just created
  12. In the Term field select 2 year(s) from the drip down
  13. Tab to next filed
  14. Observe that the Expires on date changes to two years out, but the Term filed reverts to 1 year


 Blackbaud CRM

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