I'm Not Able To Create An Online Account Different from the Request Owner When I Try to Publish a Requirement to the Web

According to our documentation, users should be able to take the steps below to publish a Requirement to a Grantee:

1. Search for or otherwise navigate to the edit form for the Requirement you want to publish.
2. In the Actions menu, click Publish to Web. [NOTE: If there is no online grantee account associated with the Request this Requirement is tied to, you will be asked first to create an account for the grantee. The Publish to Grantee window will open once that step is complete.]
3. In the Publish to Grantee window, select the online Requirement form you want the grantee to complete.

Recently, a Bug was discovered that is preventing our users from performing this documented action. Please review the replication steps and temporary solution below.

To resolve this issue, follow steps 1-7 from Steps to Duplicate, then take the following action:
1. Navigate to your GrantRequest.com site: https://www.grantrequest.com/sid_[xxx]?SA=AM.
NOTE: [xxx] must be replaced with your SID #
2. Click New Applicant? link below E-mail field.
3. Enter the same e-mail address that the Requirement is to be published to, along with a password of your choosing > Continue.
4. This action will create the account and take you to the Account Management page.
5. You may then go back to GIFTS Online to open the Requirement record and Publish the Requirement to the Web using the account you created on your GrantRequest.com site.

Steps to Duplicate

In order to replicate this behavior, you can test by taking the following steps:


1. Log in to your GIFTS Online site.
2. Go to the New tab > Request and create a new test Request record.
3. Save the Request, then go to Actions > Create Grantee Account.
4. Enter a test email account, then enter the same account to confirm > GIFTS Online will send an email to that address and establish that test account as the one assigned to the Request.
5. Back in the Actions tab, choose Create Requirements.
6. Create a Requirement using any Type > Set any Due Date after today > Click Add to Schedule > Click OK.
7. Are You Sure? window appears > Yes.
8. Under the Related Records to the left of the Request form, there should now be one Related Requirement record > Click Requirements > Double-click the Requirement record listed in the workspace.
9. In the Requirement record, go to Actions > Publish to Web.
10. In the Publish Requirement to Web window, take the following actions:
a. Set the Online Requirement Form.
b. Uncheck Publish to request's owner.
c. Enter a different E-mail Address than the one used in step 4 above.
d. Leave the Generate Correspondence checkbox unchecked.
e. Click OK.
11. Error thrown: Publish to Web failed.


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