This process will provide access to the following Advisor role features:
  1. Learning Profiles 
  2. Schedules
  3. Assignment Grades Access
  4. Report Card Grade Access
  5. Transcripts
  6. Online Course Requests Recommendations/Requirements and Review
  7. Report Card/Progress Report Grade Review
  8. Advisory Grading
  9. Attendance
  10. Official Notes

This would allow, for example, access to student information via the Student Directory or Advisory Roster if a student was under review, or called to the office.

If the Advisory Roster includes 300+ students, it may take some time to load. Access to the roster tab can be restricted by editing the (custom) group page access for the individual advisory, and unchecking 'roster' (see step 4-7 below).

To set up an Advisory, please see:
  1. Create a Advisory Group: How do I add or create a new Advisory?
  2. Offer the Advisory Group: How do I offer an Advisory?
  3. Create Sections for the Advisory Group: How do I create Advisory Sections?
  4. To set Group Page Access for the Advisory Created:
    1. Navigate to: ​Core > Security > Group Page Access
    2. Click the 'Advisories' tab
    3. Click 'Individual Advisories'
    4. Select the School Level, School Year, and the specific Advisory section. Sections with a (C) by their name already have individual/custom access, which means they operate independent of  'School Level' access settings.
    5. To remove access (including ability to view its name) from all but the Advisor of the Advisory click the User-added image on the Roles you do not wish to have access to this group.
    6. If 'Advisor of Advisory' is not listed, click the User-added image button, select the 'Advisor of Advisory' role, and click Add Access.
    7. If you wish to restrict 'Roster' access from the Advisor, uncheck the 'roster' checkbox across from the 'Advisor of Advisory' role. This would make it necessary for the advisor to use the Students Directory to access student records instead.

Additionally, if you would like Advisors to be able to see student gradebook information, you will need to:
  1. Add advisor access to student Class information via Group Page Access. To do this:
    1. Navigate to: Core > Security > Group Page Access
    2. Click the 'Classes' tab
    3. Select the School Level and School Year to add this access to
    4. Click the User-added image button, select the 'Advisor' role, and click Add Access.
  2. Add advisor access to student gradebook grades per marking period. To do this:
    1. Navigate to: Academics> Grades> Grading Setup> Gradebook Settings> (edit each marking period)
    2. Scroll down to 'Advisor', and select 'Set Access Globally'
    3. Select 'Always Show' for all grade information
    4. Click 'Save'. Repeat this for all Marking Periods that you would like to grant this access to.
    Grade Access settings for Advisors