Heads of school can then have access to the features
Learning Profiles 
Assignment Grades Access
Report Card Grade Access
Online Course Requests Recommendations/Requirements and Review
Report Card/Progress Report Grade Review
Advisory Grading
Official Notes

For example, to access student information via the Directory if the student was under review or called into the office.  

Blackbaud does not recommend granting access to the Roster page in this instance.  If the Head of school were to navigate to the Roster page with, let’s say 300+ students on it, it may take a while to load. This restriction can also be controlled by editing the group page access for the individual group page.

To set this up follow these steps:
  1. Create a Advisory Group: How do I add or create a new Advisory?
  2. Offer the Advisory Group: How do I offer an Advisory?
  3. Create Sections for the Advisory Group: How do I create Advisory Sections?
  4. Set Group Page Access for the Advisory Created:
  • ​Core > Security > Group Page Access
  • Click the Advisories Tab
  • Select the School Level, School Year, and the specific Advisory by selecting the Advisory name in the Advisories dropdown
  • To remove access from all but the Advisor of the Advisory click the User-added image on the Roles you do not wish to have access to this group
  • To add access if the Advisor of the Advisory is not selected click the User-added image button
  • Select the Role Name and click Add Access