My automatic nightly credit card process is creating empty batches

You may see that your automatic nightly recurring gift credit card process is creating empty batches that are not committed after the process has run. You also may notice that other batches created by this process have successfully committed. 
If any row in a batch is a permanent rejection and the process is configured to “Export transactions that have a permanent rejection and remove them from the batch,” then the row will be removed from the batch and placed in the rejection file. If all of the gifts that were pulled into the process are rejections, then once the gifts are exported out we are left with an empty batch. Altru creates a batch of possible successful transactions, but it’s only after all the transactions fail that we end up with an empty batch. We can delete the empty batch if there has been one created. We also recommend to clean up the data (ie update credit card info, remove this card from the automatic process).

Step 1: Check if your Nightly Process is configured to Export Transactions that have a permanent Rejection and remove the the batch
  1. Go to Financials > Select Credit Card Processing
  2. Select the Nightly Credit Card Process for Recurring Gifts
  3. Select Edit > Navigate to the rejection handling tab
  4. Review the settings for your process
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Step 2: Delete the Empty Batch:
  1. Go to Revenue > Select Batch Entry > Select the arrows to the left of the affected batch > Select delete
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Step 3: Remove the Card from the process until the card information is updated:
  1. Navigate to the affected constituents recurring gift
  2. In the Transaction Summary Box > Select Edit next to Payment Method: Credit Card - automatic
  3. In the Payment Method drop down > Change the method from Credit card - pay installments automatically to none
  4. Save

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Revenue > Batch
  2. Select Batch Entry
  3. On the uncommitted batches screen there is an empty batch created by the nightly process on X Date

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