To remove from all cents (decimals) in amount fields in a Raiser's Edge Mail function:
  1. In the mail parameter (set-up), click on the Format tab.
  2. Highlight Miscellaneous in the left list.
  3. Unmark Show decimals.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If needed, click Merge or Send to Word merge wizard to proceed with mail merge.


To remove all cents in the final merge document*:
  1. Click Ctrl and H to bring up the Find and Replace window.
  2. Click on Replace tab.
  3. In the Find what: field, enter .00
  4. In the Replace with: field, leave blank.
  5. Click Replace or Replace All.
  6. Review document to ensure the change completed correctly.


To merge a specific field without the trailing cents*:

1. In the mail merge template, highlight the gift amount merge field (or desired amount field). This is the gift amount field in a gift export in the Blackbaud Simple Word Merge format:
User-added image
2. Right click on the field and select Toggle Field Codes.
User-added image
3. Insert the cursor before the final } bracket. Copy / paste or type the following before the final } bracket: \# $,#
User-added image
4. Right click on the field and select Toggle Field Codes to return the field to the merge field.

User-added image
5. From the merge in The Raiser's Edge, click Add-ins in the top menu bar and then Save and return to RE7. Complete the mail merge as needed. The field will appear as follows in the mail merge output:
Mail Merge template
User-added image

Mail Merge results
User-added image


For additional information on using switches to format merge fields, please refer to the following:

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