Privacy Policy and Unsubscribe URL off-centered in Online Express Email Marketing email

After changing the alignment on the footer text from Center to Left aligned, clients find that when trying to go back to center, it no longer allows the center alignment on for the Privacy Policy and Unsubscribe on Mobile devices.
This has been resolved with the 5/3/16 release of Online Express.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log into The Raiser's Edge
2.  Select Online Express
3.  Select Email Marketing
4.  Choose Create a new email
5.  Create an email and click on the style tab
6.  Choose Selected Column style
7.  Select the Footer section
8.  Change the Horizontal alignment from center to left and back
9.  Save & Continue
10. Send Email 
11. Open on iphone with iOS 9 and see that the footer is misaligned

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