This message indicates that the server or terminal server the user is connecting through, has undergone a backup or snapshot while users were logged into FIMS.  The server will need to be rebooted before users are able to use FIMS.

See this progress solution article for more details.

If a nightly backup is causing this problem, one suggestion is to create a scheduled task on the FIMS server, which stops the databases in the evening, and turns them back on after the backup/snapshot is complete.

This error can also occur on a terminal server due to the temp files not being written locally. To fix that, try the following:

1. Go to the database server, npo\found\ConfigFiles, make a copy of the file and name the copy something like


2. In the new file put in the path to the terminal server local drive where you want temp files to be stored there, you may need to use a UNC path there to the TS. Here is what it looks like by default:



3. Update the FIMS shortcut on terminal server to point to that new edited file. After applying that change, be sure to right-click and run FIMS as admin on the TS and wait for the database selection screen to appear, then you can cancel. That needs to be done to update the registry on the terminal server.


4. Then you can run FIMS normally and the errors on the terminal server should go away.