Sales by price type report results increasing with no additional sales for program

When running the Sales by process type report for a selected program, you may find that the results are increasing even though there have been no additional sales to the program.
The amounts in the Sales by Price Type report are increasing without selling additional tickets due to payments being made on orders after the order date. The Sales by Price Type Report only shows the data for completed orders.
  • An example of this would be a group sales reservation that purchased 50 tickets for the event, but do not pay for them until a month after their reservation. When the order is made 50 tickets are added into the Sales by Price Type report, the monetary amount would not apply to the report until the payment is made on the order.
  • Another example of this would be Advance Sales orders where the original payments was "Pay on Arrival."

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Sales, select the Sales by price type report
  2. In the Program field, choose Selected program, then search for and select your program
  3. Enter a date range
  4. Click view report.
  5. A couple of days later, run the report again and see the results increase


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