A prompt for a password to be entered again when logging in may occur if The Raiser's Edge was not closed correctly from the previous session for the Supervisor user, a user with Supervisor rights, or a non-Supervisor user who can see Security under Admin.

For the Supervisor user, users with Supervisor rights, and non-Supervisor users who can see Security under Administration, The Raiser's Edge 7.91.5056 and higher will timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity due to the built-in PCI compliance of the system. This timeout is hard-coded meaning it cannot be turned off. If one of these users just "x's out" of The Raiser's Edge to close it, that does not end the user session on the server. The active session will continue on the server and the inactivity timeout will occur there. For more information on this, please refer to How does the inactivity timeout feature work?.

To avoid the second password prompt, be sure to close The Raiser's Edge properly:
  1. Close and/or save all records, reports, etc. that you have been working on.
  2. In the top-most file menu, click on File.
  3. Select Exit and Sign Out.

Optionally, review security settings for The Raiser's Edge inactivity timeout so the timeout does not affect users.