Transaction Manager results differ from results for CRM Query it uses

Transaction Manager part does not adhere to Query criteria/results from CRM when populating records in BBIS.

For example, when limiting the Query in CRM so it does not include or show Event Registration transactions with the amount of $0.00, the results in CRM are accurate, but in BBIS, the Transaction Manager still shows the $0.00 (Free/No Charge) Event Registration for a Constituent.
Were currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In BBIS, Register for an Event with the option for a No Charge or Free registration
  2. In CRM, go to Web > Manage Web Transactions and download/commit the Registration batch
  3. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  4. Create a Revenue Ad-Hoc Query to limits the critera to not include Event Registration Amount of $0
  5. Note that the Query in CRM will return the correct results without Event Registrations that submitted a $0 or Free Registration in BBIS
  6. In BBIS, login as a Supervisor user and access/edit a Transaction Manager part
  7. Under the "Select the gifts to display" section, choose radio button for Revenue query and select the Query created above
  8. Save the Transaction Manager part
  9. Login to BBIS as the User that registered with the Free/No Charge Event Registration
  10. Access the Transaction Manager page/part
  11. Note that the Free/No Charge Event Registration shows on the page, even though the Query used does not include this in CRM.


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